Farmers Almanac: Brutally cold and snowy winter for much of the country

Predictions & Preparation for Winter

The 2020-21 winter according to Farmer’s Almanac is predicted to have extreme cold snaps and heavier than normal snowfalls in certain parts of the country. The Northeast, which saw a lighter than normal snowfall last year, is expected to have significantly more snowfall this year. Western Dakotas, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are all expected to have above average snowfalls this year. Eastern sections of Washington and Oregon as well.

What can you do now to prepare for the upcoming winter?

First, clean your gutters and valleys of any build up from pine needles, leaves and other roof debris that may have collected. Removing this not only eliminates unnecessary weight, but also prevents the possibility of additional moisture collecting near your eaves. The other reason this is important is for the freeze thaw cycle that occurs throughout winter. The less obstructions the water has to go through to drain away from your house the less likely water damage will occur.

Speaking of water damage, the other tool you’ll want to have on hand this winter is the Roof Razor snow removal system. With predictions of heavier than normal snowfall, continuing to remove snow as the winter progress ensures you keep snow build up to a minimum. Snow collecting on your roof sets the stage for unwanted ice dams and excessive snow load that can damage your home. Homes that have inadequate insulation and large overhangs that are not insulated such as porches or other decorative structures have a higher likelihood of ice dam build up. Ice dams occur when the snow starts to melt and before it drips off the house hits a patch of roof that is colder than the rest of the roof causing it to freeze. This then creates an ice barrier at the edge of the roof line, allowing water to build up behind the ice ledge which eventually leaks into your house. Shingles are designed to shed water, not hold it. Standing water on your roof will eventually saturate and leak into your house, often causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Roof Razor Roof Rake With Deep Snow Drift Cutter

The Roof Razor is a modified roof rake that eliminates the lift and chop action of a conventional snow removal rake. The set and push through snow design eliminates the need to continually pick up the rake and pull for snow removal. The Roof Razor works with gravity removing three times as much snow in half the time. It is also the snow removal system with the most accessories. This ingenious Minnesota invention has been saving homes from destructive ice dams and snow load for over 22 years.  The quickest most dependable snow removal system you can buy. Proudly made right here in the U.S.A.

Be prepared for the upcoming winter, clean your gutters and order your Roof Razor today, you’ll be glad you did.

Roof Razor

Also known as the MinnSNOWta Roof Razor.